Flash Fridays – Health News 27.4.12

Healthy-sounding drinks marketed to kids have too much sugar

A new finding from Yale University has suggested that drinks marketed by beverage companies as healthy for kids, often have little healthy properties and are in fact loaded with sugar, calories and junk chemicals. The researchers looked at the ingredients of about 600 drinks made by 14 companies. These drinks included sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, flavored waters, iced teas and also diet fruit drinks and diet energy drinks.

What they found out was quite astonishing. Many of the energy and fruit drinks for kids have as much sugar and calories as regular sodas. In fact, some of these had as much sugar as a 8 year old child should consume in a day.

The report stated that drinking just an 8-ounce sugar loaded drink everyday increases the risk of child becoming obese by 60%. The report further stated that soft drinks and sugary drinks biggest source of calories for teens and the No.1 source of added sugar in our diets. Parents believe that just because these are marketed to kids, they are healthy. But the reality is very different. A lot of the diet drinks had artificial sweeteners added to them, carefully disguised under their chemical names.

This just shows the extent of faulty marketing going on in the food industry. Products are touted to be healthy when in fact they are full of unhealthy ingredients. It would serve you good to see the ingredient labels for everything that you buy. You should read the fine print. If you see ingredients in it, that you can’t pronounce, you definitely don’t want it in your body or your child’s body.

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3 Responses to Flash Fridays – Health News 27.4.12

  1. Agar says:

    please keep the good and creative ideas coming guys.

  2. Meenakshi says:

    great information…. Will be really helpful to all parents and especially teens…
    Good work, keep educating us with more of these kinds of info…

  3. admin says:

    Thanks so much agar and meenakshi for your encouraging words :)

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