Flash Fridays – Health News 13.4.12


Healthy Eating has long term benefits !

Every Friday, we will try to bring the latest health news to you in a few lines, to get you up to date with what’s going on all around the world – the latest research, discovery, trial, scandal or joke going on in the health and wellness area.

Here is the dope this week:

Healthy Childhood Diet may Lower Chronic Disease Risk

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM), a publication of The Endrocrine Society, says that a diet higher in fiber content, with modest reductions in fat during childhood and adolescence may have positive effects later on by decreasing risk for chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease in adulthood. This was a controlled clinical trial in which dietary fiber was increased through consumption of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and dietary fat intake was limited to 28% of total caloric intake.

It must be noted that a diet high in total refined fat and refined grains is typically associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome – a lifestyle condition leading to low levels of good cholesterol, high blood pressure, higher levels of triglycerides and blood sugar and eventually obesity. This is the precursor to heart disease.

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Yoga helps Women with Back Pain

British Researchers have found that practicing Yoga helps women with chronic and consistent back pain to manage their condition and improves back function. A similar result was reported by a U.S. Investigation published by researchers at the University of Washington. That study said yoga shows definite short term and long term improvement in those suffering from back pain, without any side effects. It was noted that yoga had better chances of improving back function than the conventional back pain treatment of medication and chiropractic treatment.

Yoga is thus a very credible treatment option for back pain sufferers, leading to improvement in the quality of lives of people limited by their pain.

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